Opening montage of the All-Night Shows programs that were running on any given week

In 1980, CFMT made a bold move by being one of the first stations in Canada to go to 24-hour a day 7 day a week broadcasting with the introduction of The All-Night Show, starring Toronto comedian Chas Lawther, broadcast generally between midnight and 6 AM. The premise was that Lawther's character Chuck the Security Guard had, with the help of his never seen technically minded friend Ryerson (named after Toronto's Ryerson Polytechnic, now Ryerson University), took over the facilities of CFMT and accidentally broadcast their favorite shows over the air while fooling around with the equipment. Dan Iannuzzi, the station's owner at the time, was suitably impressed and gave Chuck and Ryerson their own show. The All-Night Show generally showed re-runs of classic series such as The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and The Prisoner, and filled the space in between with music videos (including old Scopitones), old movie shorts and comedic banter. Lawther became a minor celebrity in Toronto and is still frequently seen on Canadian television. Although the show only lasted one year and ended in a contract dispute (despite surprisingly high ratings even in the days before widespread VCR use), 24 hour a day broadcasting became the standard for almost every television station in the years after the show.