Westboro Baptist Church Get Really Pissed off by Brick Stone

Brick finally catches up with the WBC in Malibu.

The Westboro Baptist Church, known for protesting the funerals of children and soldiers with signs reading "God Hates Fags" and "Jews Killed Jesus" went to the Malibu Presbyterian Church and Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church the morning of Feb. 24th 2013, and Brick Stone (comic Dave Sirus) was there to ruin their day.

Shot by Jordan Santos
Music by Jerumatic

I Love You So Hard

The full film of I Love You So hard. All 4 parts of the BAFTA nominated animation.

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Today I show you how to correctly crack open a coconut. Ever found a coconut on the ground and really wanted to drink the luscious milk inside but you didn't know how to correctly crack it open without spilling the coconut milk? This video is for you!

Quite a few people find cracking open a coconut extremely difficult, but I'm here to show you how it can be quick & easy! I discovered this ground breaking coconut cracking technique a few days ago, and I couldn't resist making a video to share this method with the world! You're welcome!

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(Disclaimer: Converse is not really in the Global Education Business.)