Thrift shopping is such a good idea.

Korean Drummer Steals the Show: Original

Who's the real focal point supposed to be here?

My Dad's friend who works at a TV studio found this after this group of Koreans rented out the studio for their music video.

The song is called "You're Too Much [or Unkind]" first sung by Kim Suhee in 1976 and written by Yang Cheon-gang.

Flesh Gordon: Penisaurus

Flesh Gordon and Dr. Flexi Jerkoff encounter a creature with a phallus on it's head.

From the 1974 Flash Gordon takeoff, Flesh Gordon.

People's Court: Mustache Guy

Defendant Joe Somar, a mustached bike store employee and former member of The Fugue, makes a mockery of The People's Court in the post-verdict interview, explaining why his life is hard: Mustache.

Adicolor: Black

A dark, psychedelic, stop motion, Noir clip.

Directed by Saimon Chow.

Viral for sportswear.