"Where does Frosty go when his hat comes off?"

From UCB Comedy

Junk Head 1: 10min Version

This stop motion animation almost made by myself.
Creation time is for four years.
Original story is 30 minutes.

Tom Rubnitz: Pickle Surprise

Directed by Tom Rubnitz in 1990, NYC club kids (and Rupaul) serve up a tasty treat.

Finding the pickle is the surprise.

Tobacco Enema Device Used for Blowing Smoke up the Ass

An 1800s medical enema device used for Blowing Tobacco smoke up the ass.

The tobacco smoke enema, an insufflation of tobacco smoke into the rectum by enema, was a medical treatment employed by European physicians for a range of ailments.

Tobacco was recognised as a medicine soon after it was first imported from the New World, and tobacco smoke was used by western medical practitioners as a tool against cold and drowsiness, but applying it by enema was a technique appropriated from the North American Indians. The procedure was used to treat gut pain, and attempts were often made to resuscitate victims of near drowning. Liquid tobacco enemas were often given to ease the symptoms of a hernia.

During the early 19th century the practice fell into decline, when it was discovered that the principal active agent in tobacco smoke, nicotine, is poisonous.