A new patent designed to facilitate sexual intercourse.

For maximum pleasure during intercourse, female seat can move up and down and/or side to side at the same time and at various speeds.

Male seat can be locked in the automatic position which will allow the female to control speed of motion.

Bull Nano Sculpture

The smallest bull in the world: red lines equal to 2 billionths of a meter .

This bull is the size of a red blood cell.

Its Japanese creators hope that the technology they used to make it will find applications in computing and medicine.

Modern Living

Hoogerbrugge's esoteric surreal, dadaistic animated gifs and flash animations.

Am I going down?

Calculates the odds of you experiencing loss of life on any given flight.

Big Bad Chinese Mama

Inside are contained the "demure lotus blossoms," the "geishas," the "oriental sluts"-- whatever you had imagined in your patriarchal, colonialist longings.

These women will take you by storm (and will kick your ass).

Yeah, you've seen mail order bride sites before, you may have even surfed over to an Asian pr0n site, but never in your wildest culturally commodifying sick sexual desires, have you been schooled by women like this!


Panoramic pictures of every street in New York.

Now working on San Francisco.

Disturbing Auctions

Disturbing Auctions DAILY! -- Real auctions, submitted by real readers, in real-time.

This site is dedicated to the research and study of the most bizarre items found for sale on internet auction sites.

Truly tacky stuff that people really, honestly, believed that someone would (and in some cases did) buy.

Guy Seeks Made Up Dream Girl

My name is Tom Kraemer.

I created the picture of the girl above on a computer.

She does not actually exist.

Since creating the picture, I have fallen in love with the girl in the image.

She is, you might say, my 'dream girl'.

I know this might sound strange, but I have to find the girl who matches this image.

Dr. Bukk's Store

Fake teeth products include Hardwear Teef and Imake Cosmetic Teef.

The first are harrific, the later are cosmetic replacements.