Smearing of Land

Smearing of land is an initiatory act that is found in all primitive peoples, the land turns a liberating and creative trigger.

A body covered with earth passes through a strange world behind to become a kind of transfigured body, between sculpture and ghost.

TBone's World

Whiteface, blackface, wheelchair, clowning and a child.

From Everything is Terrible

Touch is Love

Jordan Wolfson's piece (Female Figure) is an animatronic robot that dances in front of a large mirror, while at the same time seeking eye contact with the spectator.

From Jordan Wolfson

Three Face Manimal Malfunction

This crawled out from some dark corner of a computer after evolving from the virtual maggots that feast on rotting film footage.

From cyriak

Giant Human Snuff Puppets

Everybody is an exploration of the human condition from birth to death and a metaphorical, metaphysical and magical investigation of the body.

From Snuff Puppets